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Ksilofon Studio 49 RXP 3050/V

Sound and Intonation

  • 3.5 Octaves f1 - c5
  • Perfect, long lasting intonation through meticulously finish
  • Harmonic overtone tuning for unmatched sound quality
  • Wide dynamic range with sensitive response also in the highest range
  • Only selected Rosewood bars, which has been stored under the best conditions is used, 38 x 21 mm
  • The newly developed and patented frame of the instrument enables the player, to adjust the semitone bars into the required form, either level or raised and overlapped, in a few moments
  • Tuning from 440 to 446 Hz without any extra charges

Frame with Resonators

  • Extremely solid stand
  • Stand foldable for easy transportation
  • Additionla traverse for stable move
  • Easy height adjustment 79 - 94 cm
  • Comfortable wheels, two of which offer double protection against rolling and lateral movement
  • Harmonized resonators made of lightweight aluminium

Further features

  • Cord guided, with rubber supported pins for comfortable playing
  • Protectice cover included
  • One pair each of No 023 and 024 mallets included
  • 4 years extended guarantee after registration

Length: 140cm

Width: 64cm

Height: 81 - 96cm

Weight: 20,20kg

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