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Opna Remo 20" Powerstroke 3 Clear Bass Encore

Remo ENCORE head for BassDrums

The Remo ENCORE Powerstroke 3 clear 20" is a single-layer bass drum head with an integrated damping ring that eliminates unwanted overtones. This construction provides a lot of low end and makes the bass drum sound especially fat and powerful. With these features, the ENCORE Powerstroke 3 positions itself as an all-rounder for thick rock and pop sounds.

Open sound and medium sustain

In the Clear version, the ENCORE Powerstroke 3 head offers a relatively open sound with moderately long sustain. The combination of a single layer 10 mil thick head and an integrated damping ring with an equally 10 mil strength provides an almost perfect balance of response and control.


The Remo Encore heads are the price-performance star from Remo's head range. The heads are manufactured in the Taiwanese Remo factory according to the design of their American siblings. A difference is made when attaching the Mylar film to the aluminum ring:
Instead of connecting the two with liquid glue, the striking surface is pressed into the aluminum ring together with a steel core and thus firmly joined together.

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